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When you invest your money, there is always a risk of loss. When that loss is due to a bad decision by a broker-dealer, you may be able to get your money back. Most investors do not realize that if they lose money, they may have a cause of action against the broker. If you are an investor who has suffered because of a bad broker or due to potential securities fraud, contact Stafford + Associates law firm for a courtesy consultation. Let us help you recoup your losses.

Duties to Clients

All brokers and investors have certain duties to their clients. If the client is older, they are supposed to invest that client's money more safely. In addition, they are also supposed to be diligent and consistent in keeping watch over their clients’ money. Further, brokers and investors are also supposed to follow their clients’ wishes. When they do not, it may spell disaster for their clients. It’s not uncommon for an unscrupulous broker to lose a client’s entire life savings.

Securities Arbitration

When a client wishes to recoup their losses from a bad broker, they go to arbitration. We have helped hundreds of clients get their money back. Our attorneys have handled cases involving:

  • suitability
  • churning
  • failure to supervise
  • fraud
  • manipulation
  • deceptive practices
  • unduly risky investments
  • negligence
  • securities arbitration
  • equity investment management
  • SEC rule 144
  • unregistered securities

If you have lost money, contact our firm. One of our lawyers can go over your account with you, analyze your case, and determine whether you have a cause of action. If you decide to arbitrate, we accept either an hourly or contingency fee.

Contact us for a courtesy consultation.

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4200 Somerset Drive, Suite 237
Prairie Village, KS 66208
(913) 648-9225
(913) 284-0255 (fax)